From “Track Times” and Bernie Dickman

From “Track Times” and Bernie Dick man. “Of course, everyone “concerned” knows that Calder isn’t going to give up the December racing dates – unless, maybe, Gulfstream wants to fork over 10 or $20 million in compensation.”

Calder isn’t going to “give up” it’s December dates. Correct me if I’m wrong but Calder actually owns the December dates or was Calder running in December because of some agreement between both parties?  And how and where, in your misguided logic, do you arrive at 10 or 20 million in compensation?

Another funny line in Bernie’s “Behind the Track Times” article is “Equally pitiful is that Mike Rogers, vice president for racing and gaming, is bound by his considerable paychecks to go along with the Stronach party line.”

Uh, last time I checked that is what Mike Rogers is hired to do. It’s actually called doing your job. You can reverse that line and say this, “John Marshall, who is bound by his considerable paychecks from CDI is going along with the insane idea of actually believing he owns the December dates. “

Please keep up your good work. Every article your write gives us a clear vision as to why Calder should not be running in December or even November.

We are still hoping that Gulfstream Park comes to its senses and decides to begin on Thanksgiving Day 2011.

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