Bernie Dickman and some of your followers

“Further, Bruce, YOU EVIDENTLY MISSED primary purpose of my letter to MS. Palmer. I hove long maintained (and written about)
the fact that the FHBPA is a CORRUPT ASSOCIATION.

One of my attorney’s even informed you of my intention of bringing a
lawsuit against the organization citing its failure to abide by its own rules and regulations and state statutes. I hove not done this
yet in the hope that those illegalities would be corrected, but they certainly have not. Nevertheless, I have not completely given up
on the possibility that they might. Of course, actions speak louder than words.”

We have heard this from you, Bernie Dickman and some of your followers for years. If I were the FHBPA I would bring a lawsuit against you, or as they are doing, just ignore you. You have zero credibility. When are you and Bernie going to realize your ideas are not the direction that the horsemen want to go in. Just accept that fact instead of the same old boring attacks, lies and misstated facts.

You say that you have, and I quote from your manifesto, “devised valuable, never-before-attempted solutions “. Then later in this dribble you say, and I quote again, “Due to limited resume space allotted, and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION SENSIBILITIES, you cannot legally reveal the details as to how this can be accomplished.”

Please Gene, tell us, we beg you, racing needs your solutions, what is this great idea you have about saving racing in South Florida. Lets get this great idea out into the open and prove once and for all, and bring to light, and I’ll quote again, “ the devastation and debilitation the FHBPA has caused South Florida racing industry”, unquote!

Under Bill Murphy, and now Steve Calabro and Tim Ritvo, and the cooperation with the FHBPA and Sammy Gordon, Gulfstream Park racing is the best in all of the America! The number one racetrack in America by the way. And management is still looking for ways to improve on its incredible success. They are always open to new ideas. Some are accepted, and some, like yours and Bernie’s, are rejected. Man up, accept defeat and move on already. People are not saying nice things about you or Bernie and your supporters. If you knew what they were really saying behind your back you would never show your face in public.

Gulfstream Park is the only racetrack in the country where handle and attendance are way way up!
Exactly what “devastation and debilitation” has the FHBPA, and Sammy Gordon in particular, brought on South Florida racing?

You also say that, and I’ll quote again, “ There is no question that the possibility of Gulfstream park and Calder running against each other could be the final nail in South Florida racing’s coffin unless a far more productive solution is reached” unquote.

How do you know this? We are all entitled to our own opinions. The horsemen, management of Gulfstream Park and the fans all seem to disagree with your opinion.
If the idea of Gulfstream Park running in December has never been tried before, how can you be so sure it will be the final nail in the coffin?
The horsemen, Gulfstream Park, and its fans deserve only the best racing has to offer.


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