Fight Over Florida Dates: No Winners in This War.

Fight Over Florida Dates: No Winners in This War.
I beg to differ from the Paulick report that made this comment. The horsemen down the road will all be winners. They will have learned that even thought it may be legal what Calder is doing to the horsemen, morally it is disgusting and that in itself will be the deciding value that will once and for all reveal that anyone who supports John Marshall and his CDI henchmen deserve everything that is coming to them.
Just the thought that they would even hatch an idea like this and use it as a weapon that the horsemen have no control over is shameful.
If I had horses stabled at Calder, I would be shipping to Tampa Bay Downs or any farm I could find than have John Marshall force me to feed and pay help for two months so he can run his grade “C” summer meet.
What other twisted ideas will he come up with? Only time will tell.
If I were the Department of Business Regulations and was aware of this despicable behavior on the part of John Marshall and CDI I would approve ZERO dates for them and let them fight in court our decision.

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