Just wondering how the horsemen stuck @

Just wondering how the horsemen stuck @
the Calder Casino and Racecourse feel about the mounting bills and payroll your
are forcing on them while they are resting up their horse population for 2
months. What a load of B.S.


Hey John Marshall, how do you look at
yourself in the mirror everyday?


Calder vice president and general manager
John Marshall, informed the horsemen of the new restrictions Tuesday, and track
president Austin Miller, defended the decision. Notice his corporate picture is
one of him standing at a slot machine, not anywhere near a horse.




SVP, Churchill Downs Incorporated and President
and General Manager, Calder Casino
& Race Course


Austin Miller is
the Senior Vice President of Churchill Downs Incorporated and the President and
General Manager of Calder Casino & Race Course in Miami Gardens, Florida.


Previous to his
Calder Casino appointment, Austin was the Executive Vice President of CDI’s New


“Since Gulfstream amended their dates to
race in December, a ripple effect was created, and we have been consistent in
our stand to race year round beginning on April 25,” Marshall said. “And looking
at our racing schedule, we feel the need to insure we’ll have a healthy and
rested horse population to endure the long schedule.”


This mistake by John Marshall and
CDI could be a blessing in disguise.


I think Gulfstream Park should
amend their dates. instead of starting in December, they should start on Labor
Day in September 2011.


This will save the Florida Horsemen
all the grief inflicted by John Marshall and CDI and open the way to return
Florida to a top class racing


venue for 7 months a year. Do we
really need racing 12 months a year?


Hey John, you want December dates? How
about this article from Nov. 19, 2010 just 3 months ago!


Calder cuts purses, drops graded stakes



Posted: Friday,
November 19, 2010 12:38 PM





Calder Race Course cut its overnight purses and adjusted its stakes
schedule on Friday due to lower than expected handle figures for the current



Effective Monday, Calder will reverse a 10% purse increased announced
in June. The cutback will go on through the end of the Tropical Park meet on





“We work diligently throughout the year to manage purses
responsibly,” said Calder Vice President and General Manager John Marshall.
“Recent business



trends make these adjustments necessary to achieve a responsible
purse balance and assure a vibrant beginning to the next Calder


I think Gulfstream Park should amend their dates. instead of starting
in December, they should state on Labor Day in September.

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