The Calder/Gulfstream Dates battle.

The only
thing Churchill Downs and John Marshall are worried about is
the bottom line of keeping the stock prices up and bonus for
Evans at end of the year.



should call John Brunetti and see where he got those tents to run his quarter
horse meet. It was sad yesterday that the horseman and women women at Calder
were being used as bargaining chips in these talks.



Marshall is not a horsemen. He is a casino man. You can tell by his nasty insane
ideas he either has no clue about horseracing, and he is only in that position
because CDI is only interested in the casino and not horseracing. Notice that
the signs on the building are Calder Casino and Racing. That says it all. Racing
is just an afterthought for John Marshall and CDI. Boycott ALL CDI



How many more years are the Calder
horsemen going to put up with John Marshall’s abuse? The writing is on the wall.
Wake up Florida horsemen!
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