Hialeah blames other race tracks for its financial

Of course 99% of the problems talked about below are John
Brunetti’s fault, but as long as the words Hialeah and Calder are linked
together I get aroused. Its just great watching these two mental midgets go at
it. Just imagine if all three tracks cooperated with one another, the horsemen
and the fans? The sky’s the limit. Instead you have John Brunetti who would
rather screw anyone and everyone than deal honestly with all involved, and the
casino man, John Marshall who is even more dangerous because he has no clue at
all! He is like a 3 year old finding a loaded pistol.



Hialeah blames other race tracks for its financial


Hialeah Park is blaming two competitors for holding
up its bid for slot machines, and the track wants millions of dollars in


one of the country’s most famous horse tracks, but for more than a decade,
Hialeah Park has also been something else: a habitual money-loser.


Stiff competition from other local tracks
led Hialeah to close its doors in 2001, and since its reopening in 2009, the
historic, lushly-landscaped facility has again operated in the red. But Hialeah
Park’s owners, in a recently filed lawsuit, argue they’re not responsible for
the financial woes.
Instead, Hialeah blames a “conspiracy”
involving Flagler Dog Track and Calder Race Course. Hialeah Park wants the two
competitors to pay “millions” of dollars in damages for violating the state’s
Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, though Hialeah has not yet asked for a
specific dollar figure.In the suit, Hialeah alleges that Calder used backroom
deal-making to make sure Hialeah Park’s thoroughbred horse races always had to
compete head-to-head with another track, while Calder and Gulfstream Park never
had to share racing dates. Hialeah claims its eight-year-long closure was a
direct result of Calder’s tactics.Hialeah these days is limited to racing
less-glamorous quarter horses, which do not attract enough bettors to be
profitable. Hialeah owner John Brunetti has made adding slot machines a top
priority. The lucrative machines, he says, would ensure Hialeah’s long-term
survival and even enable a large-scale expansion. But both Flagler and Calder
have challenged Hialeah’s right to slots in court, casting a cloud over
Brunetti’s plans.
Hialeah Park denies its new suit is
retribution for Flagler and Calder’s attempts to keep Hialeah from obtaining
slots. For now, the state has granted Hialeah a slots license, but the court
challenge launched by Flagler and Calder is still pending.
Calder representatives declined to
comment on Hialeah’s new lawsuit, which was filed. Feb. 11. Flagler Dog Track
did the same, with both tracks saying they do not speak about pending
Though Hialeah argues in its lawsuit that
Flagler and Calder have conspired against it for years, Brunetti is seeking
damages only for a more recent three-year period, since 2008. In 2008,
Miami-Dade voters approved slot machines for local pari-mutuels, but Hialeah was
shut out of the action because the voter referendum specifically excluded
Hialeah from the list of slots-qualifying facilities.
Hialeah Park attorney Andrew Lavin said
Calder and Flagler “were the ones responsible” for the voter referendum being
written in a way that excluded Hialeah. Hialeah ultimately secured approval from
the Legislature to add slots, but fell behind its rivals in the race to quickly
open a new casino. Hialeah has yet to begin construction on its slots parlor,
while Flagler has offered slots for close to 1 ½ years. Calder’s slots casino
opened a little more than a year ago.
“We would have been starting the process
and getting the license back then,” Lavin said.

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