The Calder Gulag

As a courtesy we are supplying the following information.
The Calder gulag is now a forced labor camp and is looking for  horsemen willing to be Casino John Marshall’s  hostage for the 2011 Calder meet. Be aware that you are expect not to race your horses anywhere without the permission of the Calder commandant, and all the while incur bills and pay help without any chance to recoup any money so Casino John can run a low quality meet of so called thoroughbred races. They will have to option to lower all purses. like John Brunetti, as they feel fit. They are telling us on their website that Stall Applications are available. Remember that the applications are due  in the racing office no later than March 16th.
Don’t miss this opportunity to lower your self esteem and submit to the whims of a casino boss who knows nothing about dealing with horsemen in a rational way.
Tags: Racing News  by Michele Blanco | February 22, 2011
Stall applications for the 2011 Calder Meet racing season at Calder Casino & Race Course will be available in the Racing Office on Wednesday, Feb. 23. Completed applications are due to the Racing Office no later than Wednesday, March 16.

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