I was really impressed with the dates stettlement.

was really impressed with the final outcome on the dates dispute. John
Marshall,Tim Ritvo, Mike Rogers and others really hammered out a solution to
help all the Florida horsemen, the fans, and the state. Last week
it seemed this accord would never happen. A lot of mistakes were made along the
way on both sides but let hope we can all work together for the good of moving
south Florida horseracing to be the best in the country.



would also like to acknowledge trainers Larry Bates, Harry Benson, Henry
Collazo, Steve DiMauro, Steve Dwoskin, Kathleen O’Connell, Luis Olivares, Terry
Oliver, Ed Plesa, Larry Pilotti, Richard Root and Bill White for their help in
solving the problem.



However there
is just one fly in the ointment on the Calder “Press



Gene Stevens?
Your joking right? Although Mr. Stevens at one time was very well respected, he
has lost all  credibility and respect. This clown is running for the
FHBPA? As what? Maybe there is a new post that I am not aware of like deciding
on shavings or hay.



Saturday Gene was in the paddock
telling lies about how he is helping resolve the dates dispute.  That was until
security threw him out because as a person running for the FHBPA he should have
known that the paddock is for personal who have a horse running in that race,
not promote your run for office, which I am told is


And Gene, do us all a favor
while your in Silks. Eat your chicken wings and fries somewhere else. Maybe get
a stall in the men’s room or something. People were commenting about it and you.
The question most on everyone’s mind, is that a



Calder would have been
better off leaving your name off the list because everyone who is anyone knows
why they put your name on the “Press Release”. Sorry Gene, but its not going to



MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (Monday, Feb. 28, 2011) – Calder
Casino & Race Course (“Calder”) today amended its race dates request for the
2011-2012 racing season as part of its final dates submission to the Florida
Department of Pari-Mutuel Wagering. Calder’s amended request calls for live
racing from July 1, 2011, through Dec. 2, 2011, and from April 9, 2012, through
June 30, 2012. Calder plans to conduct a total of 150 live racing programs
during the calendar year of 2011.

“We are planning a racing schedule for
the upcoming season that will position Calder to continue leading South Florida
and the nation in the training and development of juvenile racehorses as they
begin their careers while providing year-round stabling and training facilities
for horsemen and horsewomen who call Florida home,” said Calder’s Vice President
and General Manager John Marshall. “Calder and its parent company, Churchill
Downs Incorporated (“CDI”), are deeply committed to Thoroughbred racing in South
Florida and to the local horsemen who stable with us year round and form the
backbone of the entire region’s racing product. We are also deeply committed to
the fans and customers of Thoroughbred racing both in Florida and around the
country. In late 2011 and into 2012, we are trying something different. Calder
will end live racing on Dec. 2, 2011, and resume live racing on April 9, 2012.
We think this schedule gives the local South Florida horsemen the best
opportunity to generate a competitive product while maximizing regional racing

“Many have asked us about our views regarding both Calder
and Gulfstream Park running year-round schedules,” Marshall continued. “We are
of the opinion that such an outcome at this time would mean the end of the South
Florida racing circuit and deny local horsemen the chance to make a living as
they currently do. Tracks running head to head would lead to a compromised
racing product that would be of little interest to horseplayers across the
country. While South Florida racing may one day face this outcome, Calder and
CDI would view that approach as a tragedy for the tens of thousands of families
that depend on Florida’s horse racing industry to make a living.

“Many of
the horsemen stabled at Calder provided insight and advice when partnering with
us to make the best choices for South Florida racing. We’d like to acknowledge
trainers Larry Bates, Harry Benson, Henry Collazo, Steve DiMauro, Steve Dwoskin,
Kathleen O’Connell, Luis Olivares, Terry Oliver, Ed Plesa, Larry Pilotti,
Richard Root and Bill White and long-time horse owner Gene Stevens for their
thoughtful input. The collective wisdom of these individuals contributed greatly
to our business choices. We look forward to moving ahead with the opening of our
Calder Meet on April 25, 2011.”

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