The ranting’s and ravings of a Blogger with a computer and internet access from (February 26, 2011)

The ranting’s
and ravings of a Blogger with a computer and internet access. (February 26, 2011)



Two of
Gulfstream’s officers whom I really can empathize with are Steve Calabro and Tim
Ritvo, both genuinely nice guys who are caught in the middle of this and have no
choice but to be the designated drivers for Stronach’s misguided doctrine.



In a press
release Friday, they echoed
Stronach’s sentiments: “Mr. Stronach believes in free enterprise. He believes
that any track should be allowed to run any dates they feel could be profitable
to the track and the horsemen. He wishes no harm to any track. (tee-hee, that’s
my comment). He believes the horsemen should never be held hostage or
threatened. He believes you should be able to stable and run where you see fit
in your best interest.



And please explain further what the
hell is wrong with that! No, we are better off letting a bunch of politicians
who know nothing about horse racing and over regulation and high taxes decide
what is best for south Florida horse racing. Your comments are just brilliant.
Mr. Stronach has billions invested in horseracing and he should be at the mercy
of people who’s can only generate contributions from supporters and do nothing
intelligent for south Florida horseracing.


Both tracks seemed to has worked out a
solution without any help from you and Gino’s moronic off the rail ideas.



Still waiting to find out how Calder’s
best money making mouth is December and they cut purses and lost graded stakes
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