Seminole Tribe on Warpath Over Five Proposed Blackjack Casinos

Seminole Tribe on Warpath Over Five Proposed Blackjack Casinos

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Florida Blackjack

Seminole Indian Tribe, which has the exclusive right to run blackjack games, is against new legislation that would create five new mega-casino resorts in Florida.

Two state Senators in Florida, announced that they filed legislation which would permit five mega-casino hotels in key tourist locations throughout the state. Senators Maria Sachs (Democrat) and Dennis Jones (Republican) are the vice-chair and chairman of the state’s Regulated Industries Committee, which controls gambling and. Florida’s current casino strategy only permits the existence of  racinos (horse racing + slot machines).

The likelihood that the new legislation would become law is high; since the state has almost 9% unemployment and most politicians seem in favor of the new proposal which limits gambling devices to 10% of the total area of each proposed casino resort. The tens of thousands of new jobs which the mega-resorts are sure to create are not ignored by the politicians as well as the voters.

There is however two mighty foes standing in their way: The Seminole Indian Tribe is already beating the war drums and sharpening the tomahawks; and Mickey Mouse, who is now a Black Belt in the ancient arts of the Ninja, after spending years in Tokyo Disney World, is against five mega-resorts which will compete with its properties. Donald Duck, currently a professional blackjack card counter in Macau, refused to comment on the story.

Currently outside the southern area of the state, all four casinos are located and operated on sovereign lands of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. In 2010 Florida entered into a five year agreement with the Tribe allowing blackjack card games but no craps or roulette at Seminole casinos.

The ultra-wealthy tribe agreed to pay Florida $1 billion over the five years as long as the Seminoles get the exclusive rights to control blackjack and baccarat within the state. If Florida passes the legislation, which will require each casino to pay $50 million per year in licensing fees alone, the Seminoles will no longer have the exclusive rights to blackjack within the state. It is firmly against any new laws about blackjack that will alter its current monopoly on the game.

Seminole Tribe spokesman, Mr. Gary Birner (who looks closer to a cowboy), angrily said during a hastily arranged press conference – “If the Legislature wants to allow in new entities, it will have to decide if it’s a good tradeoff. Are they going to make enough to make up for the assured payments from the Tribe?”

The legislation will be up for a vote sometime before summer of 2011, and the Tribe plans to spend millions in advertising and lobbying to defeat bill.

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