Its election time for the FHBPA

Its election time for the FHBPA.Antique h...Will Gino Stevens be able to cast
his vote wearing his new jewelry? ginoslatestscratches.jpgI
swear Johnny Cash must be turning over in his grave knowing that there is a
double of him named Gene Stevens. The picture was not photo shopped. It really
is Johnny Cash and his late wife June Carter.
It would be interesting if this nut bag actually was
able to garner enough votes to be on the board. Exactly how would
that work, now that he is barred from the Gulfstream Park property after being
arrested and photographed for crashing Mike Repole’s private suite at Gulfstream
Park on Saturday. I also notice that missing from his partners blog , Bernie
Dickhead, not a word of this incident.
From this schmucks website last year at this
time is the following gem:
Post Time USA
publisher Gene Stevens and Track Times Today blogger Bernie Dickman are being
heralded as the Woodwood & Bernstein of Florida racing.
What the latter
duo uncovered at Watergate, Stevens and Dickman have been uncovering to the
benefit of the thoroughbred racing industry.
Imagine comparing yourself to
Woodward and Bernstein? Exactly what has this dynamic retarded duo uncovered?
Anyone know?
Hey Bernie and Gene, there are
many great mental health care facilities here in the Miami area. Do us all a
favor, if your family is too embarrassed to tell you, take my advice, seek a
good mental health provider immediately.


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