Bernie Dickheads lies

A guy with a blog
internet access and possible mental disorder, Bernie Dickman, wrote the
following  lies. Gene Stevens must have fed him this bullshit and without
checking any sources, he writes the following lies:




Let’s get back to truth and transparency. Voting for the board was
supposed to end on March 10, with all ballots being mailed in having a postmark
no later than that date. The votes were to be counted yesterday, the Ides of March. I wonder
of Cassius ever told Sammy Gordon to beware the Ides of March?



Well, at the FTBOA awards dinner on Sunday night at the Hilton Ocala, a prominent Ocala horseman
congratulated Gene on his election. Gene asked how he knew that – since the
counting of the ballots was still two days away – and the horseman replied that
Sammy Gordon told him a week ago. The question that begs to be answered is, if
the ballots were to be counted on Tuesday BY A DESIGNATED ACCOUNTING FIRM,
how could Sammy have known a week ago that Gene was going to make it?



All lies. Since
the ballots are mailed to a CPA and sealed in two envelopes, and checked to make
sure the person who signed the first envelop is a FHBPA member this fabrication
is impossible


This story is
nothing but a figment of Bernie Dickheads imagination. Sammy didn’t know
anything or even say anything. You’re a liar. plain and simple, or maybe your
taking some sort of medication and getting a reaction to it.



received the third highest number of votes of the seven owners up for a
position, behind only Kathy Davey with her impressive resume, and Gordon
himself. And Gene wasn’t too far behind Gordon. It should immediately become
apparent to Gordon and Stirling that there are other FHBPA members who are not
happy with the status quo. Otherwise, why did Gene get



Hey a-hole, do
you think that if the election was rigged Gene would have gotten all the votes
he did manage to get?





He also writes
the following lies ignoring the fact that Gino refused to leave the private
box., he busted in there…


Gene was the victim of an
over-zealous chief of security who has had it in for him for


Really? And exactly how do you
back up this statement. What facts do you have that security had it in for him
for years. What happened and how many years does he have it in for him?


He is a friend of Mike


Like almost everyone at the
track, most people would rather just say hello and smile to this asshole and
walk away then really tell him to his face what they really think of



Saturday, the day Uncle Mo was
running in the Timely Writer, GENE WAS INVITED TO LUNCH AT CHRISTINE
by his friends and racing partners, Harvey and Roberta Chaplin.
After lunch, Gene went to the Horsemen’s Lounge, right down the hall from the
restaurant, to say hello to his friend, Mike Repole, and wish him good luck. The
woman at the door told Gene he needed a wristband for the room, but Gene told
her he was only staying long enough to say hello to Mike and he was leaving,
which he did. He wasn’t escorted out of the lounge by security, and he went back
to the table in Christine Lee’s. At this time, Coffey came over, asked Gene what
he was doing at table 22 “uninvited,” and told Gene to come down to his office
where they took his picture, and Coffey told Gene it was going up on the wall
with all the pimps and prostitutes and other undesirables who were barred from
the track!


Coffey picked a security guard to escort Gene from the track, and
the guard wasn’t too happy. He stayed well behind Gene as Gene went to his car,
which was in valet parking with a VIP STICKER!



Gulfstream Park management owes Gene Stevens an apology. John
Coffey needs a new occupation. Jim Freer needs to have someone at the
Blood-Horse remind him about the facts, and that Gene Stevens just spent a bunch
of money advertising with them.



Owe him an apology? Why?
He busted into a private party, uninvited, and refused to leave, those are the
facts,and Gulfstream Park does not owe him an apology!!! Your



Once the new board is seated I can only
tell you to pack a lunch, because these meetings are going to last hours.


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