A blogger with internet access wrote this bullshit

A blogger with
internet access wrote this incredible bullshit story that he expects people to
actually believe.
“Let’s get back to truth and transparency. Voting for the board
was supposed to end on March 10, with all ballots being mailed in having a
postmark no later than that date. The votes were to be counted yesterday, the Ides of March. I wonder
of Cassius ever told Sammy Gordon to beware the Ides of March? Well, at the
FTBOA awards dinner on Sunday
night at the Hilton Ocala,
a prominent Ocala horseman
congratulated Gene on his election. Gene asked how he knew that – since the
counting of the ballots was still two days away – and the horseman replied that
Sammy Gordon told him a week ago.
The question that
begs to be answered is, if the ballots were to be counted on Tuesday BY A DESIGNATED
, how could Sammy have known a week ago that Gene was
going to make it?”
Actually the question
that really needs to be answered is…Who is this prominent Ocala horsemen?
Maybe this Ocala horsemen is the person you are really looking for who, as you
put it, knew a week ago that “Gene was going to make it”. Make what exactly?
Pasta, make it to a mental health facility?  If I were the CPA who was
responsible for the counting of the votes I would call a lawyer immediately and
have you brought to court to testify about this person and your alleged
allegations that the “fix” was in!!!
In fact, if I were Gene,
I would want this prominent Ocala horsemen’s named revealed  and have him
testify about what he knew and when he knew it since Gene is now a board member
and one of his campaign platforms was open transparency that he
claims Sammy and the rest of the FHBPA are not allowing!
This will be the perfect opportunity to
testify exactly who leaked the inside information about an election that had yet
to have the ballots counted one week earlier and with not all the ballots yet


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