BetFair is UNFair

BetFair is UNFair
In case you are not aware of this TVG and BetFair are
conspiring with Directv to block HRTV from being shown on Directv. Any racetrack
giving TVG an exclusive is also hurting its horsemen by agreeing to this unfair
practice. In fact, you can say the BetFair is UNFAIR!!!!
It seems the only way TVG can get viewership is by
helping block HRTV from Directv. However what they do not realize is that most
people have DISH network which not only shows TVG AND HRTV but also has about 70
other horse racing channels. So who is BetFair and TVG hurting? Themselves. As
long as they continue to block HRTV fro DirecTV TVG with be able to show nothing
but grade “B” racing except for a few tracks like Keeneland and Hollywood Park
who seem more interested in TVG exclusives than the horsemen. We are now working
with the California horsemen to stop this unfair practice. All California
bettors should be able to view ALL California racing on either channel, TVG or
HRTV, on dish network OR Directv.
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