Bizzaro world

Bizzaro world. Here are the comments of
a guy with access to the internet and his plan to save south Florida
Gulfstream Park, in
seeking to increase its handle this year, instituted a 10-cent Pick 6 in which
the only way the jackpot carryover would be given out would be if a single
person hit the six winners. It has been a complete bust. It’s getting
somewhat exciting now because the carryover is approaching $800,000 today since there has been no single
winner for many weeks. But, as a bet that is beneficial to the track’s bottom
line, it has proven to be a dud. Daily Pick 6 pools of $10,000-$25,000 are
commonplace, with the numbers going up somewhat on the weekends. Overall,
however, this IS a bet that could cannibalize the other pools.
Hitting a Pick 6 and getting $1,000 (and in many cases, less) in return isn’t
what serious bettors are trying to accomplish. Hopefully, it will not return at
the next Gulfstream meeting. I’d rather see a place pick 8 or 9, where the
bettor wins the race if his or her horse finishes first or
second. That one might be worth a try. It’s working at Santa Anita, where the
pools vary between $20,000 and $30,000 a day, and are split each day among the
winners, even if nobody hits every race. And the payoffs are worthwhile,



This guy will make all the stupid and
insane comments about Gulfstream Park and it’s management team that he can to
get his nutty ideas across. Santa Anita also gets a $50,000 or so pick six
handle a day while Gulfstream got that in maybe a week. Why is the pick 8 or 9
worth a try instead of a 10 cent pick “6”? So let me see, if Santa Anita on the
pick 9 is getting a $20,000 a day handle how much will Gulfstream Park get?
Hawthorne’s handle is about $800.00 a day!


What an idiot!


We also notice that there is NEVER a
bad comment about Calder. Calder, which gave us a Steve Sexton, is just the best
thing to happen to south Florida since gambling was made legalized according to
this moron.


Fact is, he not embarrassed to show
what an asshole he really is.


Maybe reading comprehension is not his
strong suit or maybe he missed the Bloodhorse article.


Gulfstream Sets Florida Derby Weekend


Gulfstream Park’s combined
pari-mutuel handle the weekend of April 2-3 was $33.6 million, shattering the
previous weekend record set last year in Gulfstream’s new building by


Gulfstream’s Florida Derby
(gr. I) attendance April 3, a Sunday, was a record 14,521, the largest crowd on
any day since the new building was constructed in 2006.


Officials reported the
Florida Derby program handle was $19.7 million compared with $21.1 million in
2010, when the race was held on a Saturday. Last year’s comparable Sunday handle
was $5 million, compared with $13.9 million April 2 for the comparable
Gulfstream Park Oaks (gr. II) program.


“We’re very pleased Derby
weekend proved to be such a huge success,” Gulfstream president and general
manager Steve Calabro said in a statement. “We were a little apprehensive moving
the Derby to Sunday, but the response was overwhelming to our weekend of
activities, including the inaugural Florida Derby Golf Tournament, Ladies Day,
and, of course, the Florida Derby.


“We’re also extremely
grateful to all our horsemen and patrons for the money we raised throughout the
weekend for so many wonderful causes.”

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