TRAKUS SYSTEM, NEW TOTE BOARDS Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino

Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino announced today a $3 million capital improvement project that will include the installation of six new Daktronics boards throughout the facility, approximately 250 stadium seats in the Tiki Hut area, and the addition of the Trakus system to enhance video and instantaneously digitize races.

Gulfstream will replace the Barco board in its infield, the three around its walking ring and the two in its north and south towers with enhanced, higher resolution Daktronics LED displays. An additional LED board will be installed in the infield directly across from the Tiki Hut to give fans a better view of the races.

The Tiki Hut, a popular gathering spot for families and race fans and the site each Saturday morning of ‘Breakfast at Gulfstream,’ will also have 250 free covered seats for the 2011-12 season, which runs from December 3 through April 8.

“The capital improvement projects underway are just another sign of Mr. Frank Stronach and The Stronach Entertainment Group’s commitment to thoroughbred racing and to our fans both locally and globally,” said Gulfstream’s President and General Manager Timothy Ritvo. “While the new Gulfstream was constructed only six years ago, Mr. Stronach is committed to giving Gulfstream a facelift and keeping up with the latest in video technology.

“Mr. Stronach and our staff also continue listening to our fans, who have expressed a desire for additional covered seating. We believe our fans will enjoy the location of our stadium seats, which will be located near the finish of our 1 1/16th mile races.”

Trakus uses wireless technology that monitors every horse at every moment in every race. Their positions are digitally displayed by using small radio transmitters that travel in the saddle towels of each horse.

The Trakus Online Network also allows race information for every horse at each point-of-call and full results data is available every half furlong for trip distance, peak and average speeds, margins and rail distance.

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