Podcast: Florida horse breeders stewing over barrel races

SouthFloridaRacingJournals Comment:
What I cannot understand is, they make this all sound illegal. Like any good lobbyist or criminal lawyer, they found a loophole and were able to exploit it. I think the anger should be placed with the Floriduh politician’s, who are more interested in campaign donations, the family values sicko’s, taking away the civil rights of those they disagree with, religious license plates, taking away a women’s right to choose, school vouchers, sonograms, anti-gay amendments, disenfranchising blacks and the poor, making it harder to vote, and getting President Obama beat in 2012.
Podcast: Florida horse breeders stewing over barrel races
by The Paulick Report |
NPR’s Greg Allen on Morning Edition takes a closer look at the battle brewing in Florida over barrel racing as a pari-mutuel sport.

Allen interviews Marc Dunbar, an attorney and part owner of Creek Entertainment Gretna, the new barrel racing facility north of Tallahassee, Florida, who says barrel racing is part of an effort to bring a new type of customer to horse racing.

Interviews with representatives of Florida’s breeders associations take quite a different view. Steve Fisch, head of the Florida Quarter Horse Racing Association, says barrel racing cannot really be called horse racing. And Kent Stirling, who represents Thoroughbred owners and trainers, calls it a “get-rich-quick scheme” that could destroy the racing industry in Florida.


» Read more at http://www.npr.org/2011/12/26/143860179/horse-breeders-seek-to-rein-in-bets-on-barrel-races

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