John Marshall con man at CDI

First I would like to say that I hear from insiders that John Marshall is upset with me because of the things I write about him, and CDI. I would like to say really? Like I give a crap what Puppet John and CDI think of me. I think more of used car salesmen that these two.
Both CDI and Puppet John Marshall cannot be counted on to keep their word about anything. Liars and con men are two words that come to mind. There are others but I want to keep this something everyone can read with blushing.

Thanks Gene for all the REAL inside information about the National Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association (HBPA) Winter Convention in Hollywood Beach, Florida and Puppet John Marshalls backstabbing.

Calder Race Course General Manager John Marshall informed the Florida HBPA, which is hosting the event, that the racetrack was significantly scaling back its prior sponsorship commitment of $10,000.

The Puppet John Marshall said that CDI could only afford $3,000 dollars. On two occasions Puppet John said they would spend the 10,000 dollars. The guys a liar. Plain and simple. He has zero credibility.

I personally would like to thank XpressBet for stepping in and sponsoring HBPA winter convention that faced budgetary shortfalls because of CDI and Puppet John Marshall, two who can never be counted on to keep their words.

Do you think Puppet John and any representatives from CDI will have the balls to show their faces at this event? I can’t wait to see them walk through the door. They will be as welcomed as President Obama would be at a Republican debate.

The National HBPA represents over 35,000 Thoroughbred racehorse owners and trainers throughout the United States. The Florida HBPA has over 5,000 members.

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